Artificial Native Arrangements


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Artificial silk flowers in glass vaseFake flower arrangement
60cm Faux Eucalyptus & Protea Arrangement
Sale price$399.00
Fake eucalyptus flower arrangementArtificial flowers and eucalyptus leaves in glass vase
45cm Faux Eucalyptus & Florals Arrangement
Sale price$259.00
Artificial native flower arrangementFake native flowers in glass vase
Artificial Protea Flower arrangement in glass vaseFaux native flower bouquet
42cm Faux Protea & Eucalyptus Arrangement
Sale price$279.00
Artificial flowers and leaves in a fake flowers arrangementArtificial silk flowers in glass vase
50cm Faux Eucalyptus & Natives Arrangement
Sale price$289.00
Fake white Magnolia flowers set in shaped vaseartificial magnolia flower arrangement
44cm Faux Magnolia Arrangement
Sale price$359.00
Sold out
Artificial flower arrangement with magnolia and banksiaFake magnolia arrangement sitting on a tv unit for decorative purposes
Large bespoke fake flower arrangementFake flower arrangement in glass vase
46cm Faux Ginger & Protea Arrangement
Sale price$349.00
Artificial banksia and eucalyptus floral arrangementFake native flowers
Artificial flower arrangementfake native banksia flowers
35cm Faux Protea & Banksia Arrangement
Sale price$139.00
artificial kangaroo flower arrangement set in a glass vasefake flowers and leaves
55cm Faux Protea & Kangaroo Paw Arrangement
Sale price$389.00
artificial native flower arrangement in ribbed glass vasefake flower arrangement on a table
59cm Faux Banksia & Spider Mum Arrangement
Sale price$349.00
silk flower set in glass vaseartificial native bouquet of flowers
65cm Faux Pink Natives Arrangement
Sale price$399.00
artificial mixed native flower arrangementsilk flower bouquet in glass vase
60cm Faux Protea & Kangaroo Paw Arrangement
Sale price$399.00
artificial flower arrangement using Australian nativesfake flower arrangement on table
65cm Faux Yellow Natives Arrangement
Sale price$399.00

Browse our Collection of Native Floral Arrangements

With the arrival of a new floral season, our native floral
arrangements are enhanced by warm reds, burnt oranges, hunter-greens, and
wildflowers that blend harmoniously together.

A collection of exclusive artificial faux silk native
floral arrangements represent timeless elegance and beauty. Premium and
prestigious silk flowers made for a spectacular season of exquisite blooms.

These fake, but gorgeous, native floral arrangements are
the highlight of our collection, exuding timeless beauty and cheerfulness.

Native floral arrangements
are perfect for your home or office space too

To add a little brightness to your home or office, we have
designed bespoke native floral arrangements. A perfectionist's dream come true
crafted with the utmost attention to detail.

Each faux floral arrangement is ready-to-use and comes
with a vase. They are carefully curated by our floral artists, so you can rest
assured that you will receive the beautiful floral arrangements in pristine
condition, ready to be displayed.

Silk By Design offers
top-quality floral arrangements, for all of your needs

We ensure that each of our faux native floral arrangements
includes the finest botanically-perfect silk flowers and artificial leaves.
Each and every arrangement we make is unique and will turn heads, no matter
what kind of floral arrangement you pick.

Shop custom-made native floral arrangements that are
incredibly eclectic and dazzling, designed with passion and skill by our
talented florists. Get your hands on the everlasting native floral
arrangements, ready to be shipped within a day.

From the moment you open your botanical package, take in
the magnificence of your native floral arrangement and start styling as you
wish. Or, gift them to someone special for any occasion and they'll be
cherished forever!