Artificial Tulip Arrangements

Compliment your home with our sophisticated and life-like real touch faux tulip arrangements. Our artificial tulip flowers are durable and long lasting, easy to clean and require no maintenance. As with all of our faux florals, these tulips bouquets are suitable for people with allergies. 


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Artificial Orange tulip arrangement in glass vaseFaux tulip flower arrangemnet positioned on a side table next to a lamp
40cm Faux Orange Tulip Arrangement
Sale price$259.00
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artificial white tulip arrangement in glass vaseFake white tulip arrangement positioned on a TV unit
40cm Faux White Tulip Arrangement
Sale price$259.00
Artificial pink tulip arrangement in glass vaseFake pink tulip arrangement positioned on a side table in the lounge room of an Australian home
40cm Faux Pink Tulip Arrangement
Sale price$259.00
Fake tulip arrangement set in resin in a glass vaseArtificial lime tulip flowers on a bedside table
Orange garden tulip arrangement artificial flowersFaux orange tulips in glass vase adding colour to a dull space at home
Artificial mixed rose arrangement set in a rectangle glass vaseArtificial rose flower arrangement in glass vase
Silk mixed pink rose and peony flower arrangementArtificial flower arrangement
Artificial gladiolus and tulip flower bouquet set in a glass vaseArtificial flower arrangement
Artificial silk tulip arrangement yellow and orangeFake yellow and orange tulip mix in glass vase
38cm Faux Yellow & Orange Tulip Arrangement
Sale price$389.00

Shop Fake Silk Tulip Arrangements

Nothing says Springtime like tulips. Get your Faux Silk Tulip Arrangements from Silk by Design to experience a piece of this special season throughout the whole year. These fake floral arrangements are the perfect choice to spruce up any room that feels drab.

We offer a range of arrangements, including roseslilliesorchids, and more. We’ve spent the past quarter century designing life-like flowers that not only look the part, but you can feel the craftsmanship too.

Why Buy Artificial Tulip Arrangements?

While fresh flowers are beautiful and smell great, there are a lot of downsides that come along with them. They can flare up allergies when they bloom by releasing pollen into the air. They’re also fragile and susceptible to diseases, damage from falls, and changes in temperature– they’ll eventually wither away and die. Plus, it can be expensive to get new ones and keep up the maintenance.

Faux floral arrangements give you beauty and joy just like fresh flowers, but they don’t have the same negative side effects. No pollen, so they’re hypoallergenic so perfect if you suffer from allergies. They’re durable and can take a fall if the vase is knocked over. And they can last for many years, so you can build your collection and decorate as you see fit.

Benefits of Real Touch Artificial Tulip Flowers

Longevity:  Artificial tulip flowers are long-lasting and do not wilt or die like real tulips. They can retain their appearance and real touch feel for years, allowing you to enjoy their beauty indefinitely.

Versatility: An artificial tulip bouquet can be used in various settings and environments. Unlike real tulips that require specific growing conditions, fake flowers can be placed in any indoor setting. They can be used for home decor, events, weddings, or even in commercial spaces.

Availability: Real tulips are seasonal flowers, typically available only in spring. However, a fake tulip is available year-round, providing consistent access to these beautiful silk flowers regardless of the season or location.

Cost-effective: While real touch artificial tulips may cost more up-front, they are an investment in the long run. Unlike real tulips that need to be replaced regularly, tulip arrangements can be reused for multiple occasions without incurring additional costs.

Fake Tulip Frequently Asked Questions

What are fake tulips made of? Our real touch tulip flowers are made from plastics and fabrics that replicate the look and feel or real tulip flowers. The core of the flower stem has a strip of metal inside to give structure and that unique drooping tulip appearance. 

How do I clean and maintain fake tulips? All fake flowers require occasional cleaning and very light dusting. We recommend that you do not place your artificial flower arrangement in direct sunlight or near extreme temperatures.

Do fake tulips look realistic? Our real touch tulip flowers are incredibly realistic looking and are also considered real touch. Our exclusive use of quality faux florals ensures that each silk tulip arrangement looks as real as its natural counterpart.

Be Creative with Our Silk Tulip Arrangements

Since you don’t have to worry about sunlight, they can go anywhere! In your bedroom, on the coffee table, in your foyer, or set them on your desk at work.

We’re confident you’ll love our flowers. So browse our selection to find the perfect Faux Tulip Arrangement today!