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An artificial cream Dahlia flower arrangement paired with a floral scent spraySilk flower with perfume and gift box packaging
BOTANY - Cream Dahlia Set
Sale price$69.00 Regular price$79.00
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An artificial burgundy Dahlia flower arrangement paired with a floral scent sprayFake dahlia flower in glass vase with floral perume and packed in a gift box
BOTANY - Burgundy Dahlia Set
Sale price$69.00 Regular price$79.00

Shop for a Botany Dahlia Bouquet Diffuser Set

Create a realistic and ever-lasting floral atmosphere in your home with our Dahlia flower diffusers. Our different options provide the perfect fragrance for any room in your house or office.

If you are wanting to add some energy to your office, or are needing a fragrance that provides relaxation, the Botany Dahlia Flower Diffuser Set from Silk by Design is perfect for you.

This set contains up to three botanically correct Dahlia flowers that are 18cm tall and are the perfect present for your loved ones. It comes with a floral oriental arrangement and a floral fragrance that can be sprayed close to 100 times. It is also packaged in a gift box with a vase.

Decorate Your Home With Our Unique Dahlia Diffuser Sets

Our Dahlia bouquet diffusers are a beautiful and fragrant addition to any home. Place one on your coffee table, vanity, or anywhere else you want to add a touch of life and colour.

The Botany Dahlia Diffuser Set is a perfect way to enjoy the beauty of flowers without harming the environment. This artificial flower diffuser is a must-have for anyone who loves flowers and wants to help reduce their impact on the planet.

Make Your Guests Feel Comfortable With Our Dahlia Bouquet Diffuser Sets

Make a statement in your home or office with this stylish botanical set. The Dahlia flowers are a beautiful addition that will add diversity and beauty to the atmosphere. The realistic greenery is the perfect finishing touch that will make your family, friends, and guests feel welcome.

Order your Botany Dahlia Diffuser Set now and enjoy the beauty!