Artificial Lily Arrangements

Welcome to our stunning collection of artificial lily arrangements. The silk lily flowers we use are hand-made and carefully set in robust glass vases using artificial water. These silk lilies will last a lifetime and won't wilt, create pollen stains, or give allergies. Absolute value if you ask us!


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Artificial pink tiger lily arrangement. Fake pink lily arrangement being displayed in a hallway
33cm Faux Pink Lily Arrangement
Sale price$169.00
Artificial orange tiger lily arrangement set in resin and arranged in a glass fish-bowlFake lily arrangement placed on a side table in an Australian home
Faux white tiger lilies in fishbowl vaseFake white lily bouquet for sale online
Artificial yellow lily arrangement set in a glass vaseArtificial yellow lily arrangement
Faux lily and rose flower arrangementSilk lily and rose flowers in glass vase with resin water
43cm Faux Lily & Rose Arrangement
Sale price$229.00
Artificial silk pink tiger lily bouquetSilk pink lily arrangement being admired by 2 young women in Australian home
Fake Orange lily arrangement Artificial silk lily flowers for sale
56cm Faux Orange Lily Arrangement
Sale price$269.00
Sold out
Artificial silk white lily arrangementFake white lily arrangement in an Australian kitchen
Fake yellow lily arrangement set in a glass vaseSilk yellow tiger lily bouquet displayed in a home
Artificial pink lily arrangement set in tall glass vaseArtificial pink lily arrangement
62cm Faux Pink Lily Arrangement
Sale price$329.00
Artificial Orange Lily ArrangementArtificial Orange Lily flower Arrangement
Artificial white lily arrangement set in a tall glass vaseArtificial white lily arrangement for sale online
62cm Faux White Lily Arrangement
Sale price$329.00
Artificial yellow lily arrangement set in a tall glass vaseTall artificial flower arrangement
Silk flower bouquet in glass vaseartificial flowers positioned next to bed
Silk flower bouquet set in a glass vaseArtificial flower arrangement
Faux tulip and lily flower arrangement mixArtificial flower arrangement using tulips and lilies
64cm Faux Tulip, Lily & Leaves Arrangement
Sale price$369.00
Sold out
Artificial mixed flower arrangement in glass vaseArtificial rose flower arrangement in glass vase
Artificial rose and lily flower arrangementartificial flwoers in vase
Artificial rose, lily and orchid arrangement set in glass vaseArtificial flower arrangement
An artificial flower arrangement set in a glass vaseArtificial flower arrangement
Artificial silk flower arrangement using pink lily and gladiolus flowersArtificial flower arrangement

Buy Artificial Lily Arrangements

Looking for something classy to decorate your home or office? Then Faux Lily Arrangements from Silk by Design is exactly what you’ve been searching for. Elegant, sophisticated, and beautiful are three words you’ll hear from anyone who sees them.

These bespoke floral arrangements are designed by our very own expert team, and they’re crafted with the best materials. All it takes is a little bit of cleaning and maintenance, and your lily arrangements will last for many years. Whether you choose our nativesmagnoliastulips, or any of our other silk flower arrangements, you can trust you’re getting the best.

Benefits of Purchasing Faux Lily Arrangements

Why choose fake flowers when they’re plenty of real, fresh lilies to buy? There are a few reasons why faux floral arrangements are the better choice.

Did you know lilies are toxic to pets? Both dogs and cats will experience harmful effects if they chew on any part of the plant– with it being especially severe for felines.

Fake lilies let you experience the joy and happiness of the flower without risking the health of your pet.

Real flowers can also trigger your allergies when they bloom. Plus, you have to wait for the right time of year to even see the flowers.

Our Silk Lily Arrangements are Available in a Range of Colours

With our faux lily arrangements, you’ll have gorgeous flowers all year long– even in the middle of winter. And we give you multiple colour choices like pink, white, and orange.

Browse our website and get your Faux Lily Arrangements from Silk by Design today!