Artificial Sympathy Flowers

A curated selection of our white and cream silk flowers. Perfect for sending sympathy and condolences to those in need. Add a personalised greeting card, found on each product page.


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An artificial cream hydrangea flower arrangement paired with a floral scent sprayArtificial Hydrangea flower in ribbed glass vase and gift box packaging
BOTANY - Cream Hydrangea Set
Sale price$65.00 Regular price$79.00
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3 artificial white roses arranged in a glass vase paired with a classic rose fragrance spraySilk white rose arrangement using 3 real touch roses in glass vase
BOTANY - 3 Cream Rose Set
Sale price$75.00 Regular price$89.00
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An artificial white hydrangea flower arrangement paired with a floral scent spraySilk flowers with fragrance spray
BOTANY – White Hydrangea Set
Sale price$65.00 Regular price$79.00
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Artificial white rose arrangement paired with a rose fragrance sprayWhite artificial roses with perfume
BOTANY - 1 Cream Rose Set
Sale price$65.00 Regular price$79.00
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An artificial white Peony flower arrangement paired with a floral scent sprayFake white peony vase with perfume
BOTANY - White Peony Set
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Artificial white lily arrangement paired with a floral fragrance sprayArtificial white lily arrangement paired with a floral fragrance spray
BOTANY - 2 White Lily Set
Sale price$65.00 Regular price$79.00
A set of 3 artificial white flower arrangements with accompanying floral scent sprays sold as a set of 3Artificial flower arrangement gift set bundle
BOTANY - White Bundle
Sale price$219.00
Artificial Silk Dark Pink Hydrangea Arrangement in glass vase Faux White Hydrangea Bouquet in glass vase on a side table in an Australian home
Fake white hydrangea arrangementSilk hydrangea arrangement using white flowers
32cm Faux White Hydrangea Arrangement
Sale price$189.00
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Artificial flower arrangement with magnolia and banksiaFake magnolia arrangement sitting on a tv unit for decorative purposes
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artificial white tulip arrangement in glass vaseFake white tulip arrangement positioned on a TV unit
40cm Faux White Tulip Arrangement
Sale price$259.00
Faux white tiger lilies in fishbowl vaseFake white lily bouquet for sale online
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Artificial silk white lily arrangementFake white lily arrangement in an Australian kitchen
Artificial white lily arrangement set in a tall glass vaseArtificial white lily arrangement for sale online
62cm Faux White Lily Arrangement
Sale price$329.00
Artificial white rose arrangementFaux white roses set in a glass vase positioned on a side table
Fake white peony flower arrangementArtificial peony flowers white for sale online
Artificial silk mixed white flowers set in glass vasesilk flower arrangement on dining room table
Artificial rose flower arrangement Artificial flower arrangement
Artificial flowers in vaseFake greens and white flowers
40cm Faux Green & White Mixed Arrangement
Sale price$369.00
fake hydrangea flower arrangement in glass vaseartificial hydrangea flowers
36cm Faux White Hydrangea Arrangement
Sale price$329.00
artificial white hydrangea arrangementreal touch white hydrangea fake flowers
26cm Faux White Hydrangea Arrangement
Sale price$199.00
Fake peony flower arrangement Tall artificial flower arrangement
Artificial rose flower arrangementsilk roses set in a glass vase
42cm Faux Mint Rose Bud Arrangement
Sale price$339.00
Artificial rose flower arrangement in glass vaseSilk flowers
43cm Faux Rose & Ranunculus Arrangement
Sale price$429.00

Why Sympathy Flowers?

Sympathy flowers, like delicate whispers of comfort and solace, possess a unique power to convey emotions when words alone fall short. Our
delicate artificial blooms represent a universal language of compassion and understanding, transcending cultural boundaries and offering a gentle hug to grieving hearts. These floral tributes offer a tangible connection to the departed, a tangible symbol of respect, and a source of comfort for those left behind.

Artificial Flowers for Funeral

Choosing the right flowers for a funeral is a poignant and meaningful way to pay tribute to a departed loved one. These artificial floral arrangements offer a beautiful and thoughtful expression of condolences, as well as a symbol of the lasting impact the deceased had on our lives. When
selecting silk flowers for a funeral, it's essential to consider the preferences of the deceased and their family. While faux lilies and faux roses are often traditional choices, the selection can be tailored to reflect the person's personality or passions. White artificial flowers are commonly associated with purity and peace, making them a comforting choice. On the other hand, vibrant fake blooms can represent a celebration of a life well-lived.

Condolence Flowers

Condolence flowers, often known as sympathy flowers, hold a profound significance in times of grief and loss. These artificial floral tributes are a heartfelt way to convey sympathy, support, and comfort to those mourning the passing of a loved one. The choice of flowers is a delicate art, as it reflects the depth of your condolences and respect for the departed.

Your Sympathy Flowers FAQ’s

What to write on a sympathy card with flowers?

When writing a sympathy card to accompany our artificial flowers, it's important to convey your condolences, support, and empathy in a heartfelt
and comforting way. Remember that the most important thing is to convey your genuine sympathy and let the recipient know that you're there to offer support and comfort during their time of grief.

What colour flowers for sympathy?

White flowers are the most common and traditional choice for sympathy and condolence flowers. White is associated with purity, peace, and reverence, making it a suitable colour for expressing sympathy and offering comfort during a time of grief. White artificial flower arrangements symbolize the purity of the departed's soul and the hope for their peaceful rest.

While white flowers are the most popular choice, other soft and muted colours can also be appropriate for sympathy arrangements. Ultimately,
the choice of silk flower arrangement colour should reflect the personality and preferences of the deceased and the wishes of the grieving family.

What flowers to send for a death?

When sending silk flowers to express condolences and sympathy for a death, it's important to choose flowers that convey comfort and support. It's essential to consider the personal preferences and cultural or religious beliefs of the deceased and their family when choosing sympathy flowers. If in doubt, a simple of white artificial flower arrangement is generally a safe and thoughtful choice.