Artificial Orchid Arrangements


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Real touch fake orchid plant in glass vaseartificial fake silk orchid plant
White Artificial Orchid Plant in Ceramic pot
Faux white orchid plant set in a white ceramic potArtificial white orchid plant for sale online
63cm Faux White Orchid Plant
Sale price$129.00
Fake orange orchid plant set in dark ceramic potArtificial orange orchid plant set in dark ceramic pot
Faux silk white orchid plant in ceramic potFake white orchid plant in ceramic pot
62cm Faux White Orchid Plant
Sale price$169.00
Artificial white orchid plant with 5 stems in metal potArtificial white orchid plant
5 artificial mauve orchid plants set in metal potArtificial mauve orchid plant in metal pot
Artificial white orchid plant set in large silver containerArtificial white orchid plant set in large silver pot
Artificial rose, lily and orchid arrangement set in glass vaseArtificial flower arrangement
Artificial orange orchid plant in metal pot5 artificial apricot orchid plants set in metal pot
Deluxe fake orchid plant in dark ceramic potLarge artificial white orchid plant
70cm Faux Orchid Plant in Dark Pot
Sale price$309.00
artificial orchid plant in sandstone potFake orchids planted in a sandstone coloured pot

Buy Silk Artificial Orchid Arrangements

Our beautiful, handmade Silk Orchid Arrangements are perfect for decorations from their unique styles and colours. Created by our expert in-house team, they’re crafted with real-touch leaves and stems, each housed in an elegant and trendy metal or ceramic vase.

At Silk by Design, we’ve perfected our techniques over nearly 25 years to bring you high-quality faux floral arrangements and other products including floral diffusers, and faux greenery plants.

Why choose fake flowers over the real thing?

First, orchids are notoriously difficult plants to maintain as house plants. With artificial arrangements, it takes all the hassle out of the equation. With simple cleaning and minimal upkeep, silk orchids can last you for many years without losing their splendour and appeal.

Artificial orchids also give you the choice to pick your favourite colours. Choose from White, Apricot, Green, Mauve, or Vanga petals.

Get Your Artificial Orchid Arrangements Today

You can also place these fake flowers in any space or room of yours to enhance the mystique and feel of the area. Decorate your bedroom by setting them on nightstands so you wake up to something beautiful every day. Or you can place them throughout your office space to make a drab work day a bit more tasteful.

Regardless of where you choose, we’re sure our orchid arrangements will bring joy to any room they’re in