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We offer a botanically accurate range of faux potted plants, faux hanging plants and faux greenery arrangements. All available for dispatch within 24 hours.


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Artificial Monsteria pot plantArtificial Monsteria pot plant
52cm Faux Monstera Plant in Ceramic Pot
Sale price$59.00 Regular price$99.00
Monsteria Artificial pot plantArtificial Monsteria  pot plant
52cm Faux Monstera Plant
Sale price$79.00
Artificial Pampas Grass PlantArtificial Pampas Grass Plant
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Artificial Pampas Grass Plant in Ceramic PotArtificial Pampas Grass Plant in Ceramic Pot
67cm Faux Pampas Grass Plant in Ceramic Pot
Sale price$49.00 Regular price$89.00
Fake hanging taro plantArtificial hanging plant
Save $30.00
Artificial pot plant CalatheaArtificial pot plant Calathea
34cm Faux Calethea Plant
Sale price$39.00 Regular price$69.00
Fake hanging green plantArtificial green plant on hanging string
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Fake green wall plantArtificial greenery in wall hanger
Fake wall plantsFake greenery in wall plants
Artificial cordyline pot plantArtificial cordyline pot plant
43cm Faux Cordyline Plant
Sale price$109.00
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Artificial Variegated Hosta PlantArtificial Variegated Hosta Plant
Fake plant in metal hangerArtificial plant in hanging pot
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Artificial Spathiphyllum Pot PlantSpathiphyllum Artificial Pot Plant
62cm Faux Spathiphyllum Plant in Ceramic Pot
Sale price$49.00 Regular price$89.00
Artificial Spathiphyllum PlantArtificial Spathiphyllum Plant
Save $50.00
Fake Sword Fern Plant in Ceramic potFake Sword Fern Plant in Ceramic pot
67cm Faux Sword Fern Plant in Ceramic Pot
Sale price$69.00 Regular price$119.00
Fake Sword Fern Plant
Fake hanging plant with greenery Artificial evergreen hanging bush
Fake greenery moss ball 70cm highFake plant moss ball hanging
Fake moss ball with hanging stringFake green plant hanging
Sold out
Artificial Hanging plant syngonium plant in moss ballSyngonium in moss ball
Fake birds nest plant in moss ball hanging plantArtificial greenery online
Fake Dracenea plant moss ballArtificial greenery australia
Fake Sansevieria Plant in Ceramic PotArtificial Sansevieria Plant in Ceramic Pot
Fake hanging taro moss ballFake taro plant with string
75cm Hanging Taro Plant
Sale price$199.00

Shop For High Quality Artificial Greenery Plant Sets

5 Reasons Your Office Needs Greenery

There is no question about the benefits you get from fresh flowers, but what about greenery? It turns out, that greenery could be just the thing to make you more productive at work, whether you work from home, or in an office.

Silk by Design has come up with a solution by providing High Quality Artificial Greenery Plant Sets for longer-lasting beauty and low maintenance.

Here are just five reasons to include greenery in your workspace.

Artificial Greenery Plant Sets Can Help Reduce Stress & Anxiety

A scientific study showed that interaction with indoor plants, like touching or seeing, can reduce physiological and psychological stress. So, choose one of our hanging artificial pot plants, or potted greenery plants to make your experiences better.

Artificial Greenery Enhance Cognitive Skills

Researchers in the UK discovered that indoor plants can improve concentration, and productivity and boost staff well-being by over 45%. In addition to this, just being around plants has been shown to increase memory retention by up to 20%.

Greeneries can also Help in the Healing Process

Being around plants can even help patients in a medical facility feel calm which can improve their moods and way of thinking. Recent research actually recommended including potted plants or flowers as a ‘noninvasive, inexpensive, and effective complementary therapy for patients.’

So next time you encounter a friend or family who is recovering from an illness or medical surgery, grab one of our potted greenery plants for the perfect gift that also helps heal.

Artificial Greeneries Are Low Maintenance

When giving the gift of a traditional houseplant, you are also giving the recipient a lifetime of upkeep. Why not switch that out for one of our evergreen options and give the give of maintenance-free beauty?

Our greenery lasts throughout the seasons and requires a simple wipe from time to time to keep it looking as beautiful as the day it was delivered.

You Don’t Have to Wait for it to Grow

It’s difficult to find a fully mature beautiful green plant for your space, right off the shelf. However, with our ready-out-of-the-box greenery plants, all you must do is find the space. Our artificial greenery will add just the touch to liven your room, without having to wait for it to mature.

Choose any of our faux greenery arrangements to help liven your office space and improve brain function and mood.