Artificial Native Flowers


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Orange artifical Needle Protea stemOrange artifical Needle Protea stem
Needle Protea Spray - Orange Yellow
Sale price$8.00
Grey green Banksia artificial flower stemGrey green Banksia artificial flower stem
Banksia Spray - Grey Green
Sale price$18.00
Cream artificial Grevillea single stem Cream artificial Grevillea single stem
Grevillea Stem - Cream
Sale price$18.00
Twig Spray - BrownTwig Spray - Brown
Twig Spray - Brown
Sale price$10.00
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Artificial green protea flower stemArtificial protea flower
Satin Protea Spray - Cream Green
Sale price$25.00
Fake Leucosperm - Orange LimeArtifical Leucosperm in Orange Lime Stem
Leucosperm - Orange Lime
Sale price$11.00
Fake Kangaroo Paw in YellowFake Kangaroo Paw in Red
Kangaroo Paw
Sale price$19.00
Artificial Eucalyptus Spray - Seeded Fake Eucalyptus Spray with Seeds
Eucalyptus Spray - Seeded 117cm
Sale price$14.00
Artificial silk Calla Lily Spray - CoralArtificial silk Calla Lily Spray - Coral
Calla Lily Spray - Coral
Sale price$9.00
Artificial Bird Of Paradise StemFaux Bird Of Paradise Stem
Bird Of Paradise
Sale price$16.00
Artificial Banksia StemFake Banksia Stem
Banksia Spray - Red
Sale price$16.00
Artificial Banksia stemFake Basksia Stem
Banksia Spray - Orange
Sale price$21.00
fake banksia podsartificial banksia pods
Banksia Pods
Sale price$10.00
Satin King Protea Artifical stem in Pink CreamSatin King Protea Artifical stem in Pink Cream
Satin King Protea - Pink Cream
Sale price$19.00
Artifical Satin King Protea stem in Pink MauveArtifical Satin King Protea stem in Pink Mauve
Satin King Protea - Pink Mauve
Sale price$19.00
Artifical Queen Protea Stem in RedArtifical Queen Protea Stem in Red
Queen Protea Stem - Red
Sale price$17.00
Artifical Queen Protea Stem  in PinkArtifical Queen Protea Stem in Pink
Queen Protea Stem - Pink
Sale price$18.00
Burgundy coloured artificial Bankssia flower stemBurgundy coloured artificial Bankssia flower stem
Banksia Stem - Burgundy
Sale price$19.00
Rust coloured artificial Banksia StemRust coloured artificial Banksia Stem
Banksia Stem - Rust
Sale price$19.00
Burgundy artificial Grevillea single stemBurgundy artificial Grevillea single stem
Grevillea Stem - Burgundy
Sale price$18.00
Banksia artificial flower stemBanksia artificial flower stem
Banksia Spray - Flame Yellow
Sale priceFrom $19.00
White artificial Magnolia stemWhite artificial Magnolia stem
Magnolia Spray - White
Sale price$39.00

Step into the heart of the Australian wilderness without leaving your home with our breathtaking collection of artificial native flowers. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Australia's unique flora, replicated in each native silk flower. Our range of artificial native flowers is inspired by the diverse landscapes of the land Down Under.

Australian Flora in Full Bloom:

Our artificial native flowers pay homage to the stunning biodiversity found across Australia. From the iconic Kangaroo Paw to the delicate blooms of the Waratah, each artificial flower captures the essence of the Australian landscape, bringing a touch of its natural beauty into your space.

Year-Round Bushland Splendour:

Embrace the colours of the Australian bushland throughout the seasons. Our artificial native flowers provide a perpetual burst of vibrant hues, mirroring the ever-changing palette of the Outback. Enjoy the beauty of Australia's native flora all year round, no matter the climate outside.

Sustainable Beauty, No Matter the Climate:

Artificial Australian native flowers contribute to
sustainability by eliminating the need for constant replacements. Enjoy the beauty of these iconic blooms without concern for seasonal availability or
adverse weather conditions, making them an environmentally conscious choice.

From the arid landscapes to the coastal beauty, each bloom captures the essence of the Outback, offering a maintenance-free, allergy-friendly, and endlessly charming way to bring the spirit of Australia into your world.