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Artificial Silk Dark Pink Hydrangea Arrangement in glass vase Faux White Hydrangea Bouquet in glass vase on a side table in an Australian home
Artificial Silk Dark Pink Hydrangea Arrangement in glass vase Faux Dark pink Hydrangea Bouquet in glass vase
Artificial Silk Blue Hydrangea Arrangement in glass vaseFaux Blue Hydrangea Arrangement on side table next to sofa
28cm Faux Blue Hydrangea Arrangement
Sale price$189.00
Artificial flower arrangement using green hydrangeasSilk flower arrangement
Fake white hydrangea arrangementSilk hydrangea arrangement using white flowers
Silk green hydrangea arrangementFaux green hydrangea arrangement with greenery
Artificial  green real-touch hydrangea arrangement set in a ceramic potArtificial  green real-touch hydrangea arrangement
33cm Faux Green Hydrangea Plant
Sale price$189.00
Faux silk hydrangea arrangement set in a glass vasefake artificial silk hydrangea arrangement
Sold out
Artificial flower arrangement with fake peony flowersArtificial flower arrangement
Artificial mixed flower arrangement in glass vaseSilk flowers arrangement
37cm Faux Hydrangea & Protea Arrangement
Sale price$439.00
Sold out
Mixed silk Dahlia flowersArtificial flower arrangement in glass vase using fake Dahlia flowers
42cm Faux Hydrangea & Dahlia Arrangement
Sale price$399.00
Faux mixed hydrangea flower arrangementSilk hydrangea arrangement
43cm Faux Mixed Hydrangea Arrangement
Sale price$289.00
Artificial hydrangea flower arrangementSilk real touch hydrangea arrangement
28cm Faux Purple Hydrangea Arrangement
Sale price$189.00
Fake hydrangea flower arrangement in glass vaseFake purple hydrangea flowers real touch
25cm Faux Purple Hydrangea Arrangement
Sale price$189.00
Silk flower arrangement with real touch hydrangeasArtificial flowers
28cm Faux Mauve Hydrangea Arrangement
Sale price$189.00
Fake mauve hydrange flowers in glass vaseArtificial real touch hydrangea flowers
25cm Faux Mauve Hydrangea Arrangement
Sale price$189.00

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If you're interested in longer-lasting flowers, look no further than Artificial Hydrangea Arrangements from Silk by Design. These elegant fake floral arrangements are designed with the best materials by our expert in-house team, giving you the beauty, feel, and splendour of hydrangeas all year without all the maintenance.

Why Choose Silk Flowers?

If you love hydrangeas, you know they only bloom during spring and summer. But you can enjoy the beauty of the flowers all year long with artificial floral arrangements– in any colour you desire!

We offer a wide selection of colour choices, including Dark Pink, Green, White, and Blue. Each arrangement comes with a clear vase along with life-like water resin for an authentic look. Or you can choose a white or dark brown ceramic vase to fit the style of your space’s decor.

For nearly 25 years, our professional team has worked to perfect the design, touch, and look of our artificial arrangements. We’re proud of the effort we’ve put into our products from the faux flowers and greenery, to our BOTANY floral diffusers.

Get Your Artificial Hydrangeas Today!

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your home office or want to make the dinner table feel like a 5-star, high-end restaurant, you can’t go wrong with these beautiful and bespoke Faux Hydrangea Arrangements.

Browse through all the Hydrangea Arrangements from Silk by Design to find the perfect fit for your space today.