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Artificial yellow daisy flower arrangement with perfume sprayYellow fake daisy flowers with fragrance spray and gift box
BOTANY - 2 Yellow Daisy Set
Sale price$69.00 Regular price$79.00
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Silk pink daisy flowers with perfume spray and gift boxArtificial pink daisy flowers in glass vase
BOTANY - 2 Pink Daisy Set
Sale price$69.00 Regular price$79.00
Fake silk flower arrangement in glass vaseArtificial flowers in glass vase with silk roses
Artificial flower arrangement using roses and faux greeneryFake rose flowers with greenery in vase
25cm Faux Pink Rose & Snowball Arrangement
Sale price$129.00
Fake mauve hydrange flowers in glass vaseArtificial real touch hydrangea flowers
25cm Faux Mauve Hydrangea Arrangement
Sale price$189.00
Fake hydrangea flower arrangement in glass vaseFake purple hydrangea flowers real touch
25cm Faux Purple Hydrangea Arrangement
Sale price$189.00
Silk flower arrangement with real touch hydrangeasArtificial flowers
28cm Faux Mauve Hydrangea Arrangement
Sale price$189.00
Artificial hydrangea flower arrangementSilk real touch hydrangea arrangement
28cm Faux Purple Hydrangea Arrangement
Sale price$189.00
Artificial native flower arrangementFake native flowers in glass vase
Artificial silk flowers in glass vaseFake flower arrangement
60cm Faux Eucalyptus & Protea Arrangement
Sale price$399.00
Artificial flowers and leaves in a fake flowers arrangementArtificial silk flowers in glass vase
50cm Faux Eucalyptus & Natives Arrangement
Sale price$289.00
Fake eucalyptus flower arrangementArtificial flowers and eucalyptus leaves in glass vase
45cm Faux Eucalyptus & Florals Arrangement
Sale price$259.00
Faux lily and rose flower arrangementSilk lily and rose flowers in glass vase with resin water
43cm Faux Lily & Rose Arrangement
Sale price$229.00
Artificial rose flower arrangement in glass vaseSilk flowers
43cm Faux Rose & Ranunculus Arrangement
Sale price$429.00
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Artificial silk tulip arrangement yellow and orangeFake yellow and orange tulip mix in glass vase
38cm Faux Yellow & Orange Tulip Arrangement
Sale price$389.00
Faux mixed hydrangea flower arrangementSilk hydrangea arrangement
43cm Faux Mixed Hydrangea Arrangement
Sale price$289.00
Faux white gardenia flower arrangementArtificial gardenia flowers set in large glass vase
43cm Faux Gardenia Arrangement
Sale price$319.00
Fake white Magnolia flowers set in shaped vaseartificial magnolia flower arrangement
44cm Faux Magnolia Arrangement
Sale price$359.00
Artificial Dahlia flowers in vaseArtificial silk arrangement using dahlia flowers
54cm Faux Dahlia Arrangement
Sale price$319.00
Mixed silk Dahlia flowersArtificial flower arrangement in glass vase using fake Dahlia flowers
42cm Faux Hydrangea & Dahlia Arrangement
Sale price$399.00
Artificial flowers in vaseFake greens and white flowers
40cm Faux Green & White Mixed Arrangement
Sale price$369.00
Artificial mixed flower arrangement in glass vaseSilk flowers arrangement
37cm Faux Hydrangea & Protea Arrangement
Sale price$439.00
Fake tropical flower arrangement set in vase with resinSilk flowers arrangement
Sold out
Large bespoke fake flower arrangementFake flower arrangement in glass vase
46cm Faux Ginger & Protea Arrangement
Sale price$349.00

Latest Trends in Artificial Flower Arrangements

Wild and Organic Designs:

Natural looking and "wild" silk flower arrangements
with a less structured and more organic feel have gained popularity. These floral designs often incorporate native Australian flowers and foliage.

and Minimalist Arrangements:

Simple, monochromatic designs using one colour or
shades of a single color can create a striking and elegant look. Minimalist designs with fewer silk flower types and a focus on negative space are also

Unique Vases:

Artificial floral arrangements placed in non-traditional vases or containers, such as ribbed glass vases, ceramic pots, or distressed metal containers, have been a trend, adding an element of surprise and creativity.


Environmentally friendly and sustainable artificial flower arrangements have been a growing trend. People are looking for locally sourced, silk flowers and faux greenery. Additionally, eco-friendly packaging alternatives are increasingly being used.