BOTANY - Single Rose Bundle

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BOTANY Floral Diffuser Single Rose Bundle - Save $47

Perfect for adding a pop of colour and floral aroma to your home, or a unique & thoughtful gift to someone special.

This Bundle includes the following,

  • 3 x real-touch Single Rose BOTANY Gift Sets (Beauty, Pink & Cream). Each set includes a floral arrangement, 10ml spray and gift box.
  • 1 x 50ml Classic Rose Fragrance Re-fill.
  • Packaged in a Kraft mailing box with wood-wool filler.

BOTANY Fragrances are carefully selected and manufactured from high-quality Swiss perfumes and are intended to be sprayed directly onto the floral arrangement. The BOTANY range of products is an upmarket, beautiful alternative to room sprays, stick or oil-burning diffusers, and are perfect for gifting and your home.

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Designed with your Australian home in mind, our silk florals brighten any dull space.

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Our Flowers & Fragrances are unique and personalised gifts for your friends and loved ones.

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