The Simple Beauty Of An Artificial Orchid Arrangement

Artificial Orchid Plant
For a classic favorite that will never fade and is easy to maintain, an artificial orchid arrangement is a perfect choice. Orchids have been a popular plant for many years with glossy leaves and bright flowers in blue, cream, orange, pink or yellow. Orchids have remained a staple in homes, offices and shops over for many years. Unlike real orchids, which are challenging to maintain in perfect condition, artificial orchids will never look drab. There is no need to water them and no special food or care is needed to enjoy their simple beauty.
Artificial potted orchid arrangement

Why Artificial Orchids Are a Must for Your Space

Why are artificial orchid arrangement so popular right now? Listed below are just a few top reasons that make them essential for modern spaces needing a bit of colour and excitement.

They are exotic.

Orchids are grown in warm environments, favouring humidity and heat. Their unique flowers and glossy green leaves bring to mind exotic jungles and hothouses. Colours of the bloom are also distinctive, having a warm, bright shade that is somewhere between pink and purple or an equally vibrant shade of yellow. Fortunately for us all, artificial orchids can be displayed in any environment, whether it is an air-conditioning office, a well lit home, a popular restaurant, outdoor event, indoor store or anywhere else you think may suit the look.

They are versatile.

In addition to your home, beautifully designed orchid arrangements can be displayed in most types of commercial environment or at an event. If you are unsure about which colour to choose, white and cream orchids are neutral enough to work with any colour scheme without the risk of clashing with your current decor. As an example of their versatility, many spas and wellness businesses have chosen to use orchids for their zen appeal, giving a sense of calm and serenity. They work well in contemporary spaces, too, thanks to their unusual look and bright colour options.

They are easy.

Real orchids are notoriously difficult to grow and maintain. While some enthusiasts have no trouble keeping them healthy, the rest of us find it difficult and frustrating to keep them at their best. Artificial flowers offer a simple, low-maintenance way to get all the benefit of real touch flowers, without the fuss. This means that you can enjoy the beauty of orchids all day, every day, with no bare stems or dropping petals.

They are subtle.

Last, but not least, orchids can be subtle and minimalist. Unlike mixed floral arrangements, orchids are planted alone in their own container. By using single colours we create a uniform look, with small to medium-sized plants that do not need large spaces to get the job done. This makes them a popular choice for homes, reception desks, waiting rooms, treatment rooms, and various other commercial spaces that require colour without overwhelming detail.
Silk By Design Australia offers a carefully curated selection of real touch orchids. Contact us today to find out how our artificial orchid arrangement will enhance your home or business instantly, or pop over to our artificial floral arrangements collection to purchase one immediately.
Fake orchid plant in pot

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