Artificial Flower Arrangements

Our beautiful artificial flower arrangements are hand-made using high-quality real touch, silk and artificial flowers. They are set in robust glass vases or containers and fixed in place by means of artificial water.

Choose silk flower arrangements to save time, money and blow your guests away!


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Artificial Dahlia flowers in vaseArtificial silk arrangement using dahlia flowers
54cm Faux Dahlia Arrangement
Sale price$319.00
Faux mixed hydrangea flower arrangementSilk hydrangea arrangement
43cm Faux Mixed Hydrangea Arrangement
Sale price$289.00
Faux white gardenia flower arrangementArtificial gardenia flowers set in large glass vase
43cm Faux Gardenia Arrangement
Sale price$319.00
Faux lily and rose flower arrangementSilk lily and rose flowers in glass vase with resin water
43cm Faux Lily & Rose Arrangement
Sale price$229.00
Artificial native flower arrangementFake native flowers in glass vase
Artificial silk flowers in glass vaseFake flower arrangement
60cm Faux Eucalyptus & Protea Arrangement
Sale price$399.00
Artificial flowers and leaves in a fake flowers arrangementArtificial silk flowers in glass vase
50cm Faux Eucalyptus & Natives Arrangement
Sale price$289.00
Fake eucalyptus flower arrangementArtificial flowers and eucalyptus leaves in glass vase
45cm Faux Eucalyptus & Florals Arrangement
Sale price$259.00
Artificial Orange tulip arrangement in glass vaseFaux tulip flower arrangemnet positioned on a side table next to a lamp
40cm Faux Orange Tulip Arrangement
Sale price$259.00
Sold out
artificial white tulip arrangement in glass vaseFake white tulip arrangement positioned on a TV unit
40cm Faux White Tulip Arrangement
Sale price$259.00
Artificial pink tulip arrangement in glass vaseFake pink tulip arrangement positioned on a side table in the lounge room of an Australian home
40cm Faux Pink Tulip Arrangement
Sale price$259.00
Artificial Silk Blue Hydrangea Arrangement in glass vaseFaux Blue Hydrangea Arrangement on side table next to sofa
28cm Faux Blue Hydrangea Arrangement
Sale price$189.00
Artificial Silk Dark Pink Hydrangea Arrangement in glass vase Faux Dark pink Hydrangea Bouquet in glass vase
Artificial Silk Dark Pink Hydrangea Arrangement in glass vase Faux White Hydrangea Bouquet in glass vase on a side table in an Australian home
Sold out
Fake mauve hydrange flowers in glass vaseArtificial real touch hydrangea flowers
25cm Faux Mauve Hydrangea Arrangement
Sale price$189.00
Silk flower arrangement with real touch hydrangeasArtificial flowers
28cm Faux Mauve Hydrangea Arrangement
Sale price$189.00
Fake hydrangea flower arrangement in glass vaseFake purple hydrangea flowers real touch
25cm Faux Purple Hydrangea Arrangement
Sale price$189.00
Artificial hydrangea flower arrangementSilk real touch hydrangea arrangement
28cm Faux Purple Hydrangea Arrangement
Sale price$189.00
Sold out
Artificial pink tiger lily arrangement. Fake pink lily arrangement being displayed in a hallway
33cm Faux Pink Lily Arrangement
Sale price$169.00
Artificial orange tiger lily arrangement set in resin and arranged in a glass fish-bowlFake lily arrangement placed on a side table in an Australian home
Faux white tiger lilies in fishbowl vaseFake white lily bouquet for sale online
Artificial yellow lily arrangement set in a glass vaseArtificial yellow lily arrangement
Fake peony flower arrangement Tall artificial flower arrangement
Fake white peony flower arrangementArtificial peony flowers white for sale online

Shop Artificial Silk Flower Arrangements Online

With bespoke Artificial Silk Floral Arrangements from Silk By Design, you can decorate open spaces and offices with beauty and practicality in mind.

We want you to enjoy your fake floral arrangement for years to come, so our in-house process focuses on using only the best materials. With just a small amount of upkeep, your silk floral arrangement from Silk by Design will look beautiful year-round.

Entering into an Open Space with Silk Flower Arrangements Improves Emotions

According to a three-part study, ‘An Environmental Approach to Positive Emotion: Flowers,’ scientists were able to prove that flowers have both immediate and long-term effects on mood, emotional reactions, behaviours and memory in both men and women.

Our silk flower arrangements are made with the detail and accuracy that comes from a team of professionals who have been perfecting this art since 1998.

Location Ideas for your Artificial Silk Floral Arrangements

If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are some inspirational ideas.

Foyer or Entryway: Nothing says you think about your interior design like a realistic-looking fresh-cut bouquet in your entryway. Guests will immediately feel welcomed, seeing fresh silk flowers and even day-to-day visitors will notice the care taken to include what looks like fresh flowers at your entryway. It is a small way to make a big impact.

An Office Space: Have a corner of the home with some space, or have a home office set aside? A realistic pop of greenery will serve to liven up the space and paired with a bespoke bloom, you can add design, without the hassle of extra work to keep them beautiful.

Wherever you choose to place our arrangements, we know they will spark joy whenever they are experienced. Browse our Best Sellers for more inspiration.

Additional Benefits of Artificial Flower Arrangements

Realistic Appearance:

Our artificial flower arrangements are hand-made with exceptional attention to detail using real touch and silk flowers. This makes them almost indistinguishable from real flowers. Your family &guests will be amazed by their lifelike look and feel.

Long-lasting Beauty:

Unlike fresh flowers, artificial and
silk flower arrangements retain their beauty forever. You can enjoy the visual and emotional benefits of flowers without worrying about them only lasting a week or 2. This longevity makes them a cost-effective and eco-friendly choice for both personal and commercial use.


Let’s face it, most of us simply do not have time to grow, cut and maintain real Australian native flowers these days. Artificial flower arrangements in glass vase offer a convenient solution, requiring minimal maintenance. Occasional dusting is usually all that's required to keep them looking amazing.


For those who suffer from allergies, artificial and silk flowers in glass vase provide a welcome alternative. They don't produce pollen, making them an ideal choice for people sensitive to allergens. Now, you can enjoy the beauty of flowers without the sneezing and watery eyes.

Types of Artificial Flower Arrangements That We Offer

Artificial Flowers in glass vase If you are looking for the most realistic artificial flower décor, then our artificial flower arrangements in glass vase are perfect. We use Australian native, real touch artificial roses, silk peony flowers and artificial tulip flowers to name a few. We then use a high quality glass vase fake water to complete the look.

Small Artificial Flower Arrangements – Small artificial flower arrangements are a delightful way to introduce a realistic artificial and faux flower arrangement to any space. These small faux flower arrangements are designed with silk flowers, fake flowers, or real touch flowers with a natural look as our goal. Despite their size, they possess the power to uplift and transform a room, and work wonders as table décor or luxury gifts.

Large Artificial Flower  Arrangements - Our Large artificial flower arrangements are exquisite displays of creativity and beauty. These oversized masterpieces of real touch and fake flowers captivate the eye with their vibrant colors, intricate detailing, and lifelike textures. They are perfect as dining table décor or centerpiece.

If you are looking for faux florals in a gift box, visit our floral diffusers collection.