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This 10ml fragrance spray is sold as an addition spray to a BOTANY gift set. A great way to double up on your favorite fragrance or sample a new one.

Signature Florals is slightly sweet yet subtle with hints of Lavender & Magnolia.
The BOTANY range of fragrances consists of 6 perfume options –

  • Signature Florals is slightly sweet yet subtle with hints of Lavender & Magnolia.
  • Classic Rose, as the name suggests, is the classic rose garden scent we are all familiar with.
  • Vintage Spice is slightly spicy and woody whilst still being gentle and warm.
  • Peony Mist is a celebration of summer time with elegant top notes of fresh Jasmin and Carnation with gentle hints of suede.
  • Tropical Breeze: Escape the everyday with this seaside fragrance of fresh salt, coconut notes and sun kissed vanilla.
  • Amber Intense: A full-bodied woody fragrance, intensified by the richness of amber and a touch of rose.

BOTANY Fragrances are carefully selected and manufactured from high-quality Swiss perfumes and are intended to be sprayed directly onto the floral diffuser arrangements. The BOTANY range of products is an upmarket, beautiful alternative to room sprays, stick diffusers, or oil-burning diffusers, and are perfect gifting or homeware items.

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